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monique's story



Monique Staffords humble beginnings started and took a great turn for success in 2009. As a mother, and full time working women dinner on the table is a must. With her passion for food an a love for soul food, Monique's creativity sparked in a different way. In 2009 a knock at Monique's door was just the spark she needed. As a neighbor stated when she opened the door. "Can I have a piece of your fried chicken, I've never smelled chicken like this". At this point Mo short for Monique was the only person on her floor who was cooking something amazing everyday . Every night she filled the hallways with an amazing aroma of foods, and once a week a neighbor asked for a plate. Monique states "her kids give off so many ideas that her creativity is always at an all time high".  Her pastries are now speaking for its self. It became a thing that money was offered, but because of her love for food she just continued to cook and gave plates to anyone who asked. That same year Monique was offered a deal to cater and to design some of her best pastries. Let's just say her turn out was a success. As MO's passion continued to rise so did business. 2010 Monique became the  proud owner of Mo'sCreations. She is now catering for events big or small, and some of the best in business. Most of all she just wants to humbly cater for you. 



Not only is Monique a great cook and caterer. Her heart for her children and other children of her community speaks love in volumes. Since 2011 Monique of Mo'sCreations has funded her own annual cookout. Here annual cookout is to bring the community together in love and unity. It's a fun filled day of games, prizes, free food and music as the summer comes to an end in New York City. It doesn't just stop there as her annual goal is to give back. Monique always states "There's nothing more important to a cook then preparation". She believes in that 100% . As over hundreds of kids start a new school year . Monique makes sure kids leave the cookout with the greatest preparation gifts. This give back includes book bags, notebooks, pens, pencils, and plenty of other great school supplies. What other way to start a great school year. As 2017 Mo'sCreations will be celebrating her 6th annual cookout which has doubled in numbers each year, and she hopes to continue bigger and better in the future to come. 

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